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Director & Advisory note

Ms Na Sarady has served with DOVE ministry for 13 years now. She first attended in Dove’s (was called EFC-Youth Commission back then) program of a provincial seminar in Kampong Cham as a participant in 2004. When DOVE started the pilot project partnering with ITEACT organization, Ms Sarady was recruited to work full time with DOVE as program coordinator. She says, “I’m so grateful to God for the opportunity to work with DOVE’s crew so far.

In His,
Ms Na Sarady (Director, DOVE)
Address: No 428, St 26BT, Beoung Tumpun,
Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 


I’m so thankful to the Lord to be here with this ministry team, Develop Our Village Economy (DOVE). It’s not accidence to be here to serve Christ and to share my knowledge, experiences and energy to empower Christian emerging leaders in Kampong Cham and outlying areas. Before I know, it’s been 10 years already being a program coordinator of Kampong Cham satellite. I really love this job and really want to continue doing this calling. I know I’m not only distributing my abilities to youth but I also gaining and learning from their life with God during these blessed times. As reminded, I used to be a student of DOVE in 2005-2006, which then known as Youth Commission. Had been trained and equipped by this program, I knew I was growing that I now have to keep this growing chance for this new generation youth so that they will be equipped and ready to fulfil God’s vision. Thank you, Lord, that polish me through DOVE. 

Through AA’s 12 Step Program, I was given that new freedom, and I found myself becoming the new kind of Christian McLaren talked about. The problem with that was many of the ‘Old Kind of Christians’ had no use for the new kind. But, I have met enough of these ‘New Kind of Christians’ to know of the true freedom we share, and the desire to make the world, not just our little comfortable tribe a better a place by being prophetically imaginative concerning our call to bear witness to Christ’s reign on earth.

In the work we do at DOVE, we have two major focal points: 1) helping to foster a change in attitude, relationships, behaviour and perspective in emerging Christian leaders. 2) And, to assist in the same effect in emerging not-yet-believing leaders in the immediate community. At DOVE, these two groups are intentionally cross-pollinated. They have a positive effect on each other.

DOVE wants to help foster a movement among young adults that puts them on a journey to become a “New Kind of Christian. Both believing and not-believing emerging leaders are beginning this journey. The new kind of Christian we want to emerge is one that says ‘NO’ to cosying up to empire for power and ‘YES’ to siding with the marginalized. We want to foster the emergence of the kind of new Christian that says, ‘YES’ to include all, and ‘NO’ to excluding groups that are labelled ‘sinful’ or not in a certain kind of Christian Tribe; the kind that says ‘NO’ to staying inside the box where it safe and comfortable, and ‘YES’ to the risk of being marginalized for prophetic action; the kind that says ‘YES’ to dealing with and healing from emotional pain so they can grow up emotionally, and ‘NO’ to living through the pride of the EGO; A new kind of Christian who seeks authentic, safe community, where all are given a voice and ‘NO’ too rigid Christian institutionalism abounding in Bible experts who control. A new kind of Christian who says ‘YES’ to experiencing God in nature, art, reflection, meditation and in deep dialogue, and a new kind of Christian who says ‘YES’ to active concern about climate change, the environment, poverty and racial reconciliation.

DOVE is a new kind of Christian NGO and one that wants to be prophetic and flow with God’s intention for the world, though in this culture, being different and a new kind of anything is like the nail that sticks up higher than the rest. It is the first one to receive a blow from the hammer. But, let the blows come as they may, as there is always a price to pay when operating outside the norm.

It has been a great privilege to a part of this ministry.

Mr Brian Maher (DOVE Co-founder)



In 2001, American Evangelical Author, Brian McLaren wrote a book called, A New Kind of Christian. I think I read it in 2004 or 2005. The book brought to light many of the questions I had about the contradictions in the Evangelical faith and tradition that I had been suppressing for many years and offered a new, exciting perspective on the Christian faith and practice. Over the years, I dared not permit myself to consider these contradictions that were irritating me below the surface of my consciousness because I was afraid of ending up on a slippery slope. After reading McLaren’s insights, many which I never heard or entertained before, I realized that I now had an escape route to freedom right in front of me, but, unfortunately, I had an addiction that kept me locked up, and even a new and healthier way of looking at the Christian faith didn’t bring me the freedom I desired.

Lynn Ogata has served as an Advisor with DOVE since 2008. She says, “I feel blessed to walk alongside DOVE staff and Onyx program students on their leadership journey. I’m excited when young leaders develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and receive inner healing.” In partnership with DOVE staff and volunteers, she focuses on developing contextualized lessons and reflection materials for spiritual formation and inner healing. She wants to see young leaders develop a sustainable lifestyle and ministry. 


Lynn is from the USA and is a staff member of the Novo organization. She also helps with donor communications and facilitating short-term interns and exposure trips from DOVE partner churches. She is an immunologist and previously worked as a research scientist in a biopharmaceutical company in the Seattle area.


Ms Lynn Ogata

DOVE Advisor 


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