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Hello, I’m Virak. I like to share and listen to people when they have problems. I learned lots from their problems and I reflected into my life then I could something special from my life and their lives. If something gets stuck I will try to solve it out “ asking for help, searching from internet..). Yes, I have been working with DOVE since 2009. I am a coordinator here in charge of an education program it’s called YESIC Center (Youth Equipped with Skill of Internship Centre). Its 10 years already that I have worked here. Why I like working so far? Yes because I do love my job.

Since I have started to work with this organization I have something are touching my heart and they attached me to be here with them. Yes, I saw many students where they need help. They have many problems. They get stuck in their lives, they are living in bad situations, they are poor. So I wanted to stay here longer to be a part of their lives. I can be a friend, a brother, a mentor, and even a parent. I’m happy to be here for them to give advice, to listen, and to share experiences.etc..I used to be the one who was born with a poor family and got stuck in life. Many bad things happened to me and my family. I learned and experienced from those bad things. Then now I wanted to share to others. That’s why I would like to stay with them. I think this is a great plan from God that he put me here. Thank the lord for this blessing plan for my life “ to born and serve you and other”.

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