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Hi! I’m Chhem Thida, 21 years old. I’m studying Bank and Finance at RULE University in PP, for 3rd year. I’m a Finance Coordinator at DOVE currently. I have been working with DOVE since 2017. I started by volunteering as a Program assistant in 2017 and then I also worked as an Admin Part-time staff. Well, I pretty love what I’m doing with DOVE. I have learnt a lots and have improved myself by working with DOVE. I was a formal student at YESIC of DOVE program since I was 17 and I could speak English better and knew how to use a computer at that time. After I graduated from high school in 2016, I started to volunteer with DOVE. I was so grateful with DOVE and my elders here that gave me a chance to know and serve God. I knew God by studied Onyx program and Devotion Meeting with my colleagues. This is how my life flows with DOVE. Lastly, I’m so pleased with my work currently and can’t wait to see the blessing from GOD in our Christianity life.

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